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January Monthly Obsessions

Susi Stone

Every month I want to highlight the items that have captured my attention.

From music to decor, ingredients to antiques; here are some of my favorite monthly obsessions.


Stonewall Kitchen: White Truffle Oil

I have a thing for unami.  Recently recognized as a distinct fifth taste, after salt, sweet, sour, bitter, umami is a party for the taste buds.  One of my favorite flavors, truffles are among the most coveted ingredients and are rich in umami.  They are crazy expensive, so I impart the rich, delicate, distinct flavor by using a reasonably priced, readily available truffle oil.  It improves almost any pasta dish, whether it’s risotto or ravioli. It’s also delicious on scrambled eggs, steak, and sliced tomatoes too.  

To purchase this product click HERE.


Chloefu LAN Premium Gardenia Scented Candle

In January especially, I am always aware of the lack of fragrance. Evergreens, spring and summer flowers, and citrus bring such amazing aromas into the house during the other seasons of the year.  In the winter after the holidays and before the bounty of warmer weather I supplement this aroma with quality, reasonably priced, scented candles. My favorite scent is Gardenia.  Lighting this candle brings back childhood memories of my mother’s epic gardenia that flowered in our front hall every January. 

To purchase this product click HERE.

NOTE: At the time of this blog post launched Amazon and Chloefu Lan were both sold out of this candle. They said they should anticipate more in February 2021. Guess I wasn’t the only one who loves it so much!


Dave Brubeck

I can feel the dopamines surge when I hear Dave Brubeck’s music.  Dave Brubeck (1920–2012), was designated a “Living Legend” by The Library of Congress. The local radio station recently celebrated the anniversary of his death and played his amazing music. It literally stopped me in my tracks, and I sat down and listened. What memories it conjured up. What a sound. Now every morning, I fire up Pandora and Take Five. Give it a listen!






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