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that is the chronicle of my life at The Castle

WELCOME TO the unfolding tale

For with this tale comes the story of the castle's history and rebirth, and the current happenings of our new castle life. From food and entertaining, gardening to rebuilding, nature and community, there is a page in these chapters for you.

Explore and enjoy, friends! 


Susi Stone Lets Jump! One of my first professional cooking experiences was as a line cook at a famous Italian restaurant in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. I was young and naive and hired as a “line cook.” I was the first woman (girl really) ever hired and so all eyes were watching. I was […]

Susi Stone Every month I want to highlight the items that have captured my attention. From music to decor, ingredients to antiques; here are some of my favorite monthly obsessions.   Stonewall Kitchen: White Truffle Oil I have a thing for unami.  Recently recognized as a distinct fifth taste, after salt, sweet, sour, bitter, umami […]

Christie Clements — “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” -James Beard   These days, it’s COVID-19 that is our common ground and universal experience (no offense, Mr. Beard). And it doesn’t just sit in the wings, waiting to strike; it has bled into all aspects of life. Heck, it’s even pulled up a […]

Today we’re learning one of the most basic skills, and that is how to sharpen a knife. I can tell you after years and years of being in professional kitchens what it’s like to cut yourself with a dull knife versus a sharp knife. Also how much easier it is to work with a sharp […]

Susi Stone One of the best parts of the pandemic is having the time to explore new things. Armed with Netflix, Audible, and my trusty sidekick Google, I have been diving into food trends, international recipes, flavor profiles, techniques, and food history. Lately, I have turned my sights off the plate and into the cup. […]

Christie Clements “No matter where you go, there you are.” If the pandemic had a mantra, that would be it. And it followed me straight to Aruba. After many, long uneventful months of staying put, my boyfriend and I decided that it was time to get our Vitamin-D deprived selves some Caribbean sun. We dusted […]

Susi Stone It’s 2021 finally and time for a reboot. 2020 was hard and I fear that if I am not imaginative and self-motivated January may feel like more of the same, a big holding pattern, and a good time for a lot of nothing. It’s too early for spring, the holidays are over. The […]

Susi Stone As a writer, (ok, it’s a blog; not a novel or a screenplay, but still) sometimes I face a little writer’s block. But this topic flowed effortlessly because I am surrounded by it. It flows from every corner of the property. It sputters up through the ground. It flows off the hillsides, under […]

Susi Stone I love keeping family history and tradition alive.  It keeps me tethered to my ancestors and shapes meaning and purpose in my life.  Holidays are full of traditions brought from our European ancestors and every year I pick a few foodie creations to focus on.     My family knows I have an odd […]

Susi Stone My bad. I am guilty of trying too hard to make Christmas perfect. For years, I went to the limit for my children, my husband, my aging parents, my guests; plagued with the lasting impact of letting anyone down. For years, I stressed about the perfect decor, meals, gifts, and parties. I stressed […]

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